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Hi there,

I want to offer my best wishes for a good upcoming semester. I also wanted to introduce myself and Jennifer Kattman.

    My name is Judith "Star" A. Kreft. Jennifer Kattman and I are your two elected Sierra College Faculty Association Executive Board members who will be representing you for any dispute resolution needs you might have this semester. We are YOUR dispute resolution officers.

    Our initial contact information is and . If you have any concerns, conflicts, fears, etc. that we can help you resolve, please contact us right away. We are here to help.

    Please remember not to place any information in your email to us that you would not want someone else to read. We are happy, and it may be best, to discuss any problem that you may be experiencing via a personal email address or telephone number for the sake of privacy. Therefore, please include, if you will, your personal contact information with your request for help when you contact us.

    Also, please note that if you have been invited to a meeting with management that you feel concerned about with regard to anything surrounding your employment here at Sierra College, you can ask one of us to accompany you to the meeting. You do not need to go to the meeting until one of us is available to go with you. You would want to inform the other party that you will be bringing one of us. Additionally, you may exit a meeting with management at any time if you feel that you need representation. The meeting can be rescheduled to include me and/or Jennifer.

    It is important to contact us right away if something comes up because there can be time considerations with regard to disputes.

    Most concerns can be resolved with a timely conversation and some clarifications and education. Contact us any time.   


Cheers and best wishes,

Judith "Star" A. Kreft, M.S

Sierra College Faculty Association

Dispute Resolution Officer