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"Learning Begins with Respect ...Respect Demands Equity"

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The Science of Smart, a documentary by American RadioWorks, examines the science of leaning and bringing that knowledge to the classroom. Listen to what teachers, including college professors, are doing to apply these techniques in the classroom.

Students bullying instructors, faculty bullying other faculty, and what to do about bullies. Learn more here.


Contingent Commitments, Bringing Part-Time Faculty Into Focus, Center for Community College Student Engagement


VP Biden and Dr. Biden  address American Association of Community Colleges 94th Annual Convention


Educating Julio, Identifying and Addressing Community Colleges' "Unmet Need", California Competes


Salary Surfer, comparative information about the earnings of recent graduates, CCC Chancellor's Office


Doing What Matters for Jobs and the Economy,CCC


Online at Community Colleges,  Inside Higher Ed


CTA 2013 GLBT Conference Presentations

Learn about the unique needs of LGBTQ students and staff, bullying in the classroom (it doesn't just happen to students), how words and phrases can impact LGBTQ students, surviving as an "out" educator, and more 


California Part-Time Faculty Association blog


Learn more about Campus Equity  here


Twenty telling stats on the state of academic pay. Read about it here.


Planning on teaching after retiring from CalSTRS?

Retirement, CalSTRS, and zero dollar earning limit-get the facts on the Pension Reform Act of 2013 that l limits post retirement employment.

Working after retirement

6 month separation explained

Frequently asked questions

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Do you need software, a computer, or other tech gear?
Save up to 85% on Adobe, Microsoft, and 450 brands to choose from.
The Foundation for California Community Colleges offers software and hardware at educational prices. 
Macintosh and Windows products.
 Questions or need help? Contact Customer Service at 1-800-874-9001 





Wall Street Journal, 4-13-2015


Part Time faculty poverty rates in California and the US


View a video on Freeway Fliers: Education's Best Kept Secret 


Part-time instructors now have State Disability Insurance (SDI).


Thanks to all for their hard work to implement SDI, and to the Part-Time SCFA members who voted for it.


Here's an overview,


information on eligibility,


and part-time/intermittent/reduced work schedule.


Social Networking guidelines from NEA. Read them here.


Fast Facts 2013: California

community Colleges  Info on funding, enrollment, transfers, demographics, BA achievement and more here.



The Adjunct Project has salary and working conditions data for the nation's adjuncts, submitted by adjunct instructors. Visit the site at the Chronicle of Higher Education site. To learn how the project was started click here.



Weingarten Rights -- Self Preservation through Union Representation, 


Know your Weingarten Rights  


From SCFA Dispute Resolution
on Weingarten Rights


Part Time Faculty Mail Room Rocklin, Faculty Mail Room NCC

The mail room has computers, phones, a copy machine, printer, PT mail (Rocklin),  and a mail slot for students to drop off homework.