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Sierra College Faculty Association

"Learning Begins with Respect ...Respect Demands Equity"

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How do you join the Sierra College Faculty Association (SCFA)?

Simply sign up. We've made it easy for you by providing a membership form  and instructions.  You can also find forms in your faculty mailroom. Print the completed form and mail the application to


SCFA Treasurer

Paul Cooper

PO Box 1567

Rocklin, CA 95677


As soon as you're signed up, you become a full member of SCFA/CTA/CCA/NEA, with all the attendant benefits.  Dues will be deducted automatically from your paycheck.

What will it cost you?

There is no additional cost for a faculty member to join SCFA, because we operate under “Fair Share” (see below), which means that all faculty are represented by SCFA and have dues or fees deducted from their paychecks whether they join SCFA or not.

Current dues/fee deductions are as follows:

Full-time faculty pay $102.60 per month for 10 months per year ($10 per month for SCFA and $92.60 for CCA, CTA, and NEA).
Part-time faculty pay up to $29 per month, up to a yearly maximum of $232.45 ($40 for SCFA, $49.50 for CCA, $82.70 for CTA, and $60.25 for NEA).  Part-timers who are members of NEA and CTA at another institution are only responsible for SCFA and CCA dues.  This exemption applies primarily to full-time high school faculty – those who qualify should provide documentation to the SCFA President.

What will membership include?

        Members of SCFA are entitled to:

  • Vote in local faculty elections
  • Run for SCFA office
  • Provide input on decisions affecting your wages, hours, and working conditions


Membership also entitles you to some terrific benefits from CCA/CTA/NEA, the parent organization of SCFA:

  • $1 million educator’s liability insurance protection
  • Free legal assistance on education-related matters
  • Free consultation and discounted fees on personal legal issues
  • Accidental death and dismemberment insurance
  • Group life and disability insurance, as well as auto and homeowner’s insurance
  • Credit union services
  • Travel, entertainment, and purchasing discounts


And if you do not want to join...

You don’t have to join the association. If you choose not to, the amount of what would have been your dues will be deducted from your paycheck and sent to SCFA, but you will not be listed as a member (and therefore, you'll receive no member benefits). In essence, you'll be paying for something you're not getting...but it's your choice.


Your second option--and this only pertains if you have religious objections to joining or supporting an employee organization--you may protest the dues in writing to SCFA. The monthly amount of your dues will be contributed to a charity chosen by SCFA from a list of SCFA-approved charities, for which you may of course claim a tax deduction. 



What is "Fair Share"?

We call it "Fair Share," and SCFA  implemented it in the Fall of 2005 for Full-time faculty and in the Spring for Part-time faculty.


For those of you who are new to Sierra, or who may have forgotten what "Fair Share" is all about, here's a primer. We begin with the actual Bylaws wording.........

Article XIV: Fair Share


Section 1.   In order to properly and actively carry out its role in the representation, negotiation, and improvement in the working conditions of its members, SCFA shall adopt a policy whereby all members of the bargaining unit pay a fair share of the expenses of these duties.  The fair share shall be an amount equal to an SCFA member's regular dues to SCFA, CCA, CTA, and NEA. 


Section 2.   Constituents of the bargaining unit who have submitted an application to join SCFA, CCA, CTA, and NEA shall have all the rights and privileges of full members of these organizations as more fully set out in their respective constitutions and bylaws.  Constituents of the bargaining unit who have not submitted an application shall be fee payers to these organizations.


Section 3.   Constituents of the bargaining unit who have a religious objection to becoming members of SCFA, CCA, CTA, and NEA may fill out a religious objector application.  The SCFA Executive Board shall consider the content of each individual  application and, upon approval, that constituent's fair share shall be donated to a charity picked by the constituent from a list supplied by the SCFA.


Section 4.   Part time faculty teaching less than 3 loaded units may request to be excused from the requirements for fee paying.  This request shall be in writing on a form supplied to the faculty member upon request to any SCFA officer or director.


Now, here's some history.................


In the old days...

contribution to the Sierra College Faculty Association (SCFA) was purely voluntary. Thus, a relatively small number of faculty who chose to belong to SCFA were in effect supporting everyone who chose not to belong. These non-members were getting something for nothing--SCFA services in grievance procedures and in the association’s negotiations with the District over pay, benefits, and working conditions--while the much smaller proportion of the faculty who belonged to SCFA were carrying the financial burden for everyone.


Not terribly equitable, right?

Enter "Fair Share"

Fair Share revolves around the principle, codified by recent legislation, that everyone who receives representation from the faculty association should participate in the financial support of that association. Under Fair Share, all faculty will contribute to SCFA, whether or not they choose to join SCFA. (Although someone who chooses not to join SCFA won’t receive SCFA or CTA/NEA membership benefits.) 


--Contributed by Jim Weir