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Sierra College Faculty Association

"Learning Begins with Respect ...Respect Demands Equity"

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Visit the CCA website

Community College Association  

The CCA actively advocates for higher education professionals. 


Learn about Part-Time issues  and info on how CCA is advocating for all faculty. 


Visit the Calendar and Conferences for information on upcoming events


National Education Association 

 The NEA is the largest college and university faculty and staff organization in the United States, representing more than 200,000 higher education employees in public as well as private institutions nationwide.


Visit the Issues and Action --  in support of common issues in education.







 Visit the CTA website

California Teachers Association  


CTA includes educators in K-12, community college faculty, and California State University faculty to make CTA the most inclusive and most powerful voice of educators in the state.

Check out About CTAto learn more.

To access members-only content register at CTA. To register at


1. go to the CTA website

2. look for "WE ARE CTA" and the link to "REGISTER NOW".



To update contact info:  


Send your information to Paul Cooper, SCFA Membership, at