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Head's up!



Learn about filing an application and more:


Unemployment Benefits It's Your Right! Read this article first

Am I eligible? An SCFA article with valuable information

How to file a claim form. Important tips from SCFA, and a movie  from EDD


Tip Sheet for filing an unemployment claim, from EDD 


Checklist for filing a claim, a .pdf from EDD


Eligibility requirements  An explanation from EDD, and FAQS


Weekly Claim form   Watch a movie on how to fill out the form.
Provided by EDD, the video walks you thru step-by-step.
To skip the introduction, move the slider to 2.30 minutes


If you are scheduled for an interview regarding your application for benefits:


  1. Read the Department of Labor letter that includes adjunct faculty for eligibility.
  2. Be prepared and read How to handle the EDD phone interview  or download the file
  3. If you are denied unemployment benefits contact a dispute resolution officer right away.


Where to apply:



Contributers: Jim Weir, Joan Merriam,  and Debby Carter