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"Learning Begins with Respect ...Respect Demands Equity"

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Weekly Claim form   Watch a movie on how to fill out the form.
Provided by EDD, the video walks you thru step-by-step.
To skip the introduction, move the slider to 2.30 minutes

Unemployment claim forms can be filed ONLINE
Why file online
First, you receive immediate acknowledgment that the certification has been received.  Second, the form is automatically checked for errors before filing is allowed. Third, you can print out a copy of the certification for your records. And finally, it saves postage costs
How difficult is it?
It is quite simple and straightforward. Before you begin, make sure you have on hand your Notice of Unemployment Insurance Award, your "Guide to Benefits and Employment Services" handbook (both of which were sent to you with your initial package from the EDD), and your Continued Claim Form (DE 4581) for the week(s) you wish to claim benefits."
Read the tips at the web site
Save time and be informed, read the EDD WEB-Cert Tips 
Ready to try it?